What We Do

As a community leader in tax preparation, we solve the tax puzzle in our clients' best interests.

File Your Way

We provide fast, reliable, and stress-free service. You can drop off your tax documents or upload them into our secured client portal. We will call/email you with questions and you can come in to review and sign your return or do it online. We file individual returns (including Schedule Cs for Sole Proprietors and single member LLCs), S Corps, C Corps, Partnerships, Nonprofits, Estates, misc. tax forms, and including all states. We have specialized tax knowledge in retirement and tax planning, small businesses, real estate transactions including 1031 exchanges, international taxation issues, and Nonprofits.


During the tax season, we work full-time (and more) with 9 am to 6 pm office hours. During the off-season, we work part-time and by appointment.

Free Consultation

There is never an initial charge to discuss your taxes with us. As much as possible we like to talk to you before starting your tax return in order to check your documents, ask a few questions, check for possible tax deductions & credits and changes from the previous year


We offer 100% Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with our services we will refund your preparation fees.

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We guarantee our accuracy. Provided you give us all your tax documents, we will prepare an accurate return with the largest refund possible. If our office makes an error in your return, we will amend your return at no charge and reimburse you interest and penalties assessed by IRS and/or the State(s)

Assistance – Consulting

We assist small business owners with the best legal state and tax setup for their small business, including for the required filings. We will assist you with notices from the IRS or State Government and have experience representing taxpayers in audits. We offer tax planning, often useful when new tax situations and possible options (retirement, new business, selling properties or a business, others)

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